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DNA strand

Stop the Bleeding, Once and for All?

Current treatments for hemophilia B have problems, but a new gene therapy could yield a cure for the disease that prevents blood clotting.

The Final Frontier for Our Blood

Space travel is likely a big part of humanity's future, but we're only beginning to understand how weightlessness affects our bodies.
Side view of anatomical heart model

Healing Your Heart the Right Way

A naturally occurring protein that triggers heart growth could be the key to recovery from a heart attack or chronic high blood pressure.
Blood donation

Check the “Best Before” On That Blood

Fresher is better, right? When it comes to donated blood, that may not be true... good news, since shortages may be about to get worse.
Grandfather holding baby

Could Exercise Help Prevent Dementia as We Age?

A years-long prevention effort in Ontario has shown that stroke and dementia don't need to be considered "normal" parts of aging.
Test Tubes

The Fast and the Furious Patients

Doing a fast prior to getting a blood test is a pain. New research suggests it may also be unnecessary and counterproductive.
Drop of blood on finger

Single Drop of Blood Can Reveal Cancer

Improved prostate cancer test could reduce number of false positives
Scanning electron micrograph of blood cells: Bruce Wetzel and Harry Schaefer, National Cancer Institut

Challenging the Main Stream

New developments in stem cell research by the team at the University of Toronto may rewrite our medical textbooks.

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