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Brain blob

Behold, the Brainy Blobs of Lost Lagoon

This isn't an old B movie: Vancouver's Stanley Park really is teeming with these blobs. But what are they, and how did they get there?
Red and white antibiotic pills

Don’t Count Antibiotics Out Just Yet

Antibiotic-resistant bacteria are among our gravest health threats, but a new approach to crafting antibiotics is showing some promise.
Child with dog on sofa

Filthy Creatures, Healthy Kids?

Besides being adorable playmates, household pets could be great for children for an unexpected reason: their dirtiness.
Fractofusus fossil

Who Are You Calling an Animal?

The curious case of an immobile ocean organism from 500 million years ago is making some rethink what it means to be an animal.

Microbe Without Mitochondria the First of Its Kind

Newly discovered organism challenges understanding of how cells produce energy
digestive systemvideo

To Stay Healthy, Trust Your Gut

The 100 trillion bacteria in your gut can help doctors predict and manage colon diseases, including cancer. All you need to do is pee in a cup.
elderly handsvideo

Why Does Sickness Come with Age?

If you think it's just a failure of the immune system, think again. Breaking down the complex web of causes could prove vital to us all.

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