Tags Alzheimer’s disease

Tag: alzheimer’s disease

Red blood cells

Target the Blood, Save the Brain?

Alzheimer's is a disease of the brain, but its effects might originate elsewhere in the body -- and so, too, could new treatment options.
Focused Ultrasound Procedure

Breaking Down Barriers, Inside the Brain

Treating Alzheimer's with drugs is nearly impossible, thanks to the blood-brain barrier. But researchers may have found a workaround.
Prof. David Westawayvideo

Unlocking the Alzheimer’s Mystery

The cause of Alzheimer's, which affects 500,000 Canadians, is unknown but investigations into its genetic basis are providing vital new clues.
eye close upvideo

A Life-Changing View on Alzheimer’s

While there's currently no test that can definitively diagnose Alzheimer's, new methods of studying the eye could help catch the disease early on.

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