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Red blood cells

Target the Blood, Save the Brain?

Alzheimer's is a disease of the brain, but its effects might originate elsewhere in the body -- and so, too, could new treatment options.

Remembering You’re Forgetful is a Good Thing

Our memories naturally decline as we age. But if you notice it happening, you're actually at lower risk for conditions like Alzheimer's.
Birthday cake and candles

How Long Can a Human Actually Live?

The previous estimate was 115 years, but new analysis of the data suggests the actual number may be higher than any of us can imagine.
Grandfather holding baby

Could Exercise Help Prevent Dementia as We Age?

A years-long prevention effort in Ontario has shown that stroke and dementia don't need to be considered "normal" parts of aging.
Parminder Raina

Following the Story, Beginning to End

As a researcher into the science of aging, he always wants to know the full story, from the life of Gandhi to the tale of what's on his dinner plate.

The Brain That Reorganizes Itself

The misconception is that the human brain simply deteriorates with age, but research is beginning to uncover its remarkable adaptability.

Nature vs. Nurture vs. Father Time

Why do some people age gracefully, while others encounter problems? With the population getting grayer, the time to find out is right now.

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