Public Funding for Positive Change

Canadian researchers bring light to the value of public funding on sustaining our environment.

 |  Transcript [PDF]

Last week saw the announcement of Mission Innovation at COP21, a commitment by more than ten countries, including Canada, to invest more in clean energy research. The Prime Minister’s Office has also pledged an additional $300 million per year to support clean technology and innovation.  In this interview, our Research Rockstars discuss the importance of public funding in environmental sustainability.

Charlie Trick, Water Ecologist
Western University

“Public funding is a really important aspect of our work.  First of all, it’s a message to us and to the communities we work with that what we’re doing is valuable to society.”

Irena Creed, Water Researcher
Western University

“Without public funds, we would never be able to pursue the more discovery aspect of our research.”

Frank Gu, Nanotechnology Researcher
University of Waterloo 

“…the fundamental research that we do here at Waterloo… can then eventually help to develop prototypes and next generation devices to make environmental extraction more responsible, more sustainable.”

Liat Margolis, Landscape Architect
University of Toronto 

“Whatever research we come up with, whatever findings, has implications both for policy, but then also for immediate research and development within industry, changing of practices, product development within industry.”

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