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Help Make Us a People’s Choice Award Winner!

Research2Reality has been nominated for a People's Choice Award as Canada's favourite science site, and we'd love your support!


Update: Research2Reality finished in second place! Thank you all for your support.

We are excited to announce that Research2Reality has been nominated for the Science Writers & Communicators of Canada’s (SWCC) People’s Choice Award for Canada’s Favourite Science Site!

Founded in 1971, the SWCC’s mission is to promote, enhance and facilitate public discourse and engagement on scientific matters nationwide. Owing to the now-thriving online community of fellow Canadian science advocates, writers, and readers, the SWCC launched this award to congratulate and highlight outstanding contributors.

Here at Research2Reality, our goal is to deliver informative and entertaining content aimed at making a positive impact on public science engagement in Canada. If you feel we’ve earned your endorsement, we would greatly appreciate taking the time to support us!

The voting period starts today and carries through to the end of the month, with the winner announced on Oct. 1. Each voter gets six ballots – three for your favourite sites and three for your favourite bloggers – and can cast them over on the SWCC website, which details the shortlist of all nominees.

We strongly recommend you take the time to explore the talent and hard work of the other nominees. With such a plentiful amount of research emerging from this country, the picture wouldn’t be complete without the acknowledgement of these other contributors.

Today also marks the beginning of Science Literacy Week (Sept. 17 to 23), a celebration of the stellar scientists and other contributors who have put Canada’s name on the map. Founder Jesse Hildebrand shares our vision of fostering a national culture of science and educating Canadians about the enormous achievements of the past and grand ambitions for the future.

Please take the time to share, tweet, post, text, and email friends, family, or colleagues to help broaden the conversation and get people voting. We’ll be promoting the events across social media and would love to see you do the same – don’t forget the hashtags! #CdnSciFav and #scilit18

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