Researchers celebrating

Rock Stars of Research Unite!

The Research2Reality launch party was an overwhelming success! Take a look at the hard work that's brought this initiative to life.


Last night’s Launch Party for Research2Reality was the perfect way to celebrate the extraordinary amount of work that has gone into this initiative. It was so exciting to have 28 of our featured investigators from across the country attend and talk to us about their research. Our Waterloo researchers even organized into a carpool convoy: Rockstar road trip!

R2R Launch Party Rockstars of Research

Ivan Semeniuk from the Globe and Mail was everything we could have asked for in a host – he was funny, charming and asked our Research Rockstars some insightful questions that produced thoughtful and thought-provoking answers.

Scientists on Stage

The positive response to the science shorts was overwhelming. It was especially touching to hear the cheers from the crowd whenever one of the investigators was highlighted.

We ended the night inspired by the incredible talent of our scientists, the generosity of our partners, and the response from the public. Thank you for helping make our vision a reality.

The crowd at the R2R launch party

Special thanks to our event photographer, James Kachan, for these lovely memories from our national launch party. Come see the full photo set on our Facebook page.

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