McMaster University

McMaster University


McMaster’s research strength is one of the University’s most prized assets. Home to some of the best minds and laboratories in the country, with research output rivalling universities more than twice its size, McMaster has a well-deserved reputation as a hotbed of discovery and innovation.

McMaster University is consistently rated among the top one hundred institutions in the world for the quality and breadth of its research enterprise, for the discoveries and scholarly contributions of its faculty, for the excellence of its research programs, and for the amount of funding it receives from the federal and provincial governments and Tri-Council agencies in support of our research – more than $322 million in 2013/14.

McMaster’s core research community is comprised of individuals from around the globe: some 1,400 full time faculty (including clinicians from the Faculty of Health Sciences), approximately 4,000 graduate students, almost 300 post-doctoral fellows and hundreds of skilled technicians and research associates.  In addition, many of our 24,000 undergraduate students work with researchers on leading-edge projects and have the opportunity to experience ‘hands on’ research through a number of creative programs across our six faculties – business, engineering, humanities, health sciences, science and social sciences.

The true value of our research is measured by its impact and our researchers are making enormous strides in an array of areas including combating disease, informing public policy, reducing environmental pollutants, detecting deadly toxins, and manufacturing the next smart car.

Individually and together, these advances are addressing the most urgent needs in our society, improving our quality of life, our productivity and developing opportunities for communities across our country and around the world.