Finally, Some Environmental Good News!

The outlook for Earth can be bleak nowadays, but these Canadian scientists are working to improve the natural world for all of us.

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Our planet was here well before we were, but now, we are shaping its future.

Humans contribute to the generation of carbon dioxide leading to climate change, the destruction of natural habitats to build city infrastructure, and the pollution of water with man-made chemicals.

But we also have the power to make things better.

Canadian university researchers are making a difference. They are studying the genetic traits of trees to improve the success of new seedlings in our fast-changing climate. They are creating molecular fingerprints from soil samples to assess environmental health. They are studying water from deep beneath the surface of the Earth to understand how to use our natural resources wisely, especially in the fragile Arctic ecosystem.

Canadian university researchers are helping us navigate the right path for our planet. Come meet them!

Watch their video interviews: