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Mosquito on human skin

The Enemy of Our Enemy Could Be Our Friend

Malaria is a global killer, but the parasite that causes it could prove to be an ally in the fight against chemotherapy-resistant cancers.
Catherine Coolens

A Healthy Mind in a Healthy Body

With her mind, she helps treat thousands of cancer patients yearly; with her body, she climbs rocks, plays tennis and rides motorcycles.
scientists workingvideo

The Drug of the Future: Cells

Bioengineers are seeking to manufacture enough stem cells to make therapies viable, with big potential payoffs in fighting disease.
Self-propelled bacteria

Cancer Drugs Hitch a Robotic Ride

Reprogrammed "magnetic bacteria" can carry anti-cancer drugs through the blood, providing a promising alternative to chemotherapy.
Martin Gleave in labvideo

UBC Researcher Tames Drug-resistant Cancer

New drug combinations and personalized treatments provide cancer patients with more options.
boxing punch

One-two Punch Knocks Out Cancer

Dual drug treatment sends tumour cells to the mat, stops them from getting back up again
Sample survey

Survey Says: Better Cancer Care

A new computerized survey tool helps oncologists get a more holistic view of their patients' well-being, beyond just their cancer symptoms.
Drop of blood on finger

Single Drop of Blood Can Reveal Cancer

Improved prostate cancer test could reduce number of false positives

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